1. Work such as the above is something that is always great to see. Students coming together to create something that encourages teamwork, concepting and ensuring that the finished product is something to be proud of.

    C-U & Me is an initiative started by 24 young designers in the Graphic Design program at the University of Illinois under the direction of Assistant Professor Jimmy Luu.

    Believing that design has the potential to impact the local community in significant and meaningful ways, these designers have spent a large portion of their semester interacting with local groups and researching issues in the community. From their broad research into all facets of life in Champaign-Urbana, the team narrowed down their focus to four issues they believed they could address with their expertise in planning, organizing, communicating, and creative problem solving.

    Upon the identification of these four issues (the arts, the environment, the digital divide, and the park district) the team identified local organizations or individuals who could serve as partners for engaging the community to explore potential solutions. Along with these local partners, the team has further researched possibilities and specific constraints within the organizations that are affected by these issues.

    Photography Courtesy of Lindsay Claire Davis


  2. thebackmatter:

    Grouper by Kyle Miller

    Look at the sweet edge painting!


  3. thebackmatter:

    Secret Agent by SouthSouthWest




    Before and after of the first portfolio piece I’ve “completed”. I’ll mock these up spring break to shoot.

    Nice work! Totally digging the hand-done type in “milk.”


  5. rabbitinthehole:

    Stranger & Stranger’s awesome Christmas Playing Cards and Deck

    Stranger & Stranger has one of the best collection of pieces that I’ve seen in quite some time.



  7. It’s always great when you find a little gem while browsing the internet that really catches your eye.

    This is a brilliant firm that has done work for AOL, Coldplay, and the 2012 Olympics. The focus is motion graphics and it comes across fantastically.

    Using simple shapes, music, and movement. These guys are able to achieve a lot of great visuals for concerts, exhibitions, and something super cool: visual ringtones! What a great idea.

    Seriously, check them out! Find inspiration.


  8. Great infographic about the effects of meat. Interesting visuals that make it not so disgusting as it sounds.

    Also, if you don’t read Co. Design’s post yet, start! They have great research and visual inspiration for y’all to check out.


  9. Check out these guys’ work! It’s fantastic!


  10. Would I respond positively to these?



  11. A great informative presentation by Mike Monteiro, of Mule Design, on contracts, clients, and working with said clients.


  12. People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.
    — Steve Jobs, from Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

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